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Blood Runs Cold on the Black Side of the Mountain

  • Corinne F. Gerwe
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Blood Runs Cold on the Black Side of the Mountain.
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This is not just a story of sin and redemption, but a life of crime forced upon a child who tried desperately to live up to his father s horrifying expectations and abide by his maniacal rules. His journey from the black side of the mountain through a wilderness of transforming enlightenment is an exciting, intriguing, and inspiring story of physical and psychological survival. The book glows with a loving appreciation for the good that lies deep within some of the most hardened hearts, just as the setting, deep in the Appalachian Mountains, is shown bursting with images of spectacular beauty and the rich bounty of nature even while danger may lurk at every turn.

About the Author

Dr. Corinne Gerwe, PhD (Biological Psychology), CCAS (Certified Clinical Addiction Specialist), CAS (National Certification), is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in addictions and behavioral health treatment.

Dr. Gerwe's work of the past 25 years has focused intensely on creating the Gerwe Orchestration Method (G-OM), a treatment methodology that addresses patterns of behavior created by repeated use of addictive drugs. This revolutionary approach to the prevention and treatment of addiction addresses pivotal developmental issues in relation to chronic addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other co-occurring disorders. The method is based on her years of counseling patients in the field of substance abuse treatment and mental health within hospital, prison, and military based systems.

Dr. Gerwe's book The Orchestration of Joy and Suffering: Understanding Chronic Addiction (Algora Publishing 2001), has been widely hailed as a pioneering work in the effort to understand violence and addictive behavior. Readers have commented, “Dr. Gerwe has written a remarkable book. Her creative talent has transformed research and technical information into a highly readable and fascinating conception. The integration of psychological findings with stories and case histories is particularly well done. . . . This work reminds me of the transitional breakthrough of B.F. Skinner's ‘Walden Two’ and ‘Beyond Freedom and Dignity.’ A must read for students of human behavior. . . and for those of us who just struggle to survive.”

Dr. Gerwe conducts clinics around the United State s and abroad to train professionals in her treatment methodology. Her method and research underlying the G-OM, originally published by Elsevier Science in three consecutive articles in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (2001), are currently featured at major international congresses of substance abuse professionals and in the Journal of Groups in Addiction & Recovery (2008) (Haworth Publishing). She is centrally involved in international collaborative efforts through the National Peace Foundation to address the youth addictions/HIV crisis that is severely damaging the social fabric of the Russian Federation, and the effects of trauma in relation to the problem of addiction worldwide. 

Now her Handbook is available as well: The Art of Investigative Psychodynamic Therapy: The Gerwe Orchestration Method (G-OM) (Algora Publishing 2010).

Dr. Gerwe currently heads the Group for Chronic Addiction Research, Inc. (GCAR), based in Saluda, North Carolina and is a clinical associate professor on the Clemson University faculty.

About the Book
Professional bear hunter and woodsman Bobby Burris was raised to hunt and poach on the famous Biltmore Estate lands and forest located adjacent to his family s homestead near Asheville, North Carolina. He was ruled by a tyrannical father who...
Professional bear hunter and woodsman Bobby Burris was raised to hunt and poach on the famous Biltmore Estate lands and forest located adjacent to his family s homestead near Asheville, North Carolina. He was ruled by a tyrannical father who taught him to ignore the law and engaged him in an array of illegal activities from an early age, at which time he witnessed a notorious still-unsolved crime and murder. He was forced to participate in other crimes and retaliations during his adolescence under his father s direction. Rebelling against him, Bobby became a young renegade and formed his own small criminal organization in Asheville that extended beyond the region with links to the Italian and Mexican mafias and drug trafficking routes from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. His life from childhood into adulthood, under a Machiavellian authority, eventually led to his arrest and incarceration in a Federal prison where he by mere chance became a bodyguard for a mob boss of a major New York crime family. His road to perdition was interrupted by a vision that transformed him in the midst of this setting and began within him a process of rebelling once more against a life of crime that he d been forced into since childhood. The story takes place against a backdrop of mountain wilderness and people with a long history of isolation, independence, and rebellion against authority. From a family of moonshine bootleggers, a legacy of crime developed from father to son that began with illegal poaching on the vast acreage of the magnificent Biltmore Estate and its forestlands, hunting parties with politically connected cronies from Asheville s old boy network, a series of hidden crimes, cruelties and cover-ups that led to the monstrous formation of a young man with the brutalized heart of a stone cold killer. This story inflects the true crime genre with a psychological perspective, revealing unsolved mysteries, secret societies, bold adventure set within regional history, and family drama with a focus on the father/son relationship involving murder, sin and redemption. Along the way there are gripping stories of bear hunting, life in the rural South, and the breath-taking scenery of the mountains of North Carolina.

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